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Planet Swim Travel Trip: June 19, 2024 Through June 23, 2024: Qualifying Athletes 13 Years Old Or Older As Of June 21, 2024

Laura Hubbard

Dear RSA Families:

The staff is excited to open registration for our annual long course season travel meet, the Planet Swim Meet in Jacksonville, Florida. The meet will take place June 21st through June 23rd and is a prelim/final format meet. We will leave for Jacksonville on Wednesday, June 19th, and return late Sunday evening, June 23rd.   

All athletes 13 years old or older as of June 21st who have achieved an "A" time in two strokes or have qualified as a 13-14 year old for Age Group Champs or have qualified for Senior Champs are eligible to attend. 

USAS credentialled chaperones attend the meet with the coaches and athletes to facilitate the transitions from the hotel to the pool, to coordinate meals, to help the coaching staff ensure the safety of the athletes and to assist the coaches and athletes with miscellaneous issues that occur.

Travel meets provide unique opportunities for team bonding. This is also an excellent experience for our older athletes to swim outside in a long course pool like the athletes do at Summer Juniors.  Hopefully, you will take advantage of this team bonding opportunity.  Memories are made on trips like this. 

The trip cost is estimated to be $750.00 per swimmer with $375.00 due at registration. The balance will be billed to accounts following the trip, after final costs are confirmed. The trip cost includes meals, lodging, snacks, and transportation. Meet entry fees costs are not included. Please note the registration fee of $375.00 is not refundable unless the trip is cancelled by RSA.

To sign up, you may access the event through Events. Scroll down to Planet Swim Travel Meet or use this link: https://www.swimrsa.org/page/calendar#/team-events/upcoming/1508823

To go directly to the registration, use this link: https://www.swimrsa.org/controller/cms/admin/index#/team-registration/ev:1508823

Please note this is a signup for the trip to determine the number of athletes attending, place food orders, and collect fees toward trip costs . An additional meet signup will be released closer to the meet date for meet entry signups. 

Please contact Coach Brent at [email protected], Coach Megan at [email protected], or me at [email protected] if you have any questions. 

Laura Hubbard, Executive Director